虚拟数据室(VDR)是一种更安全的云存储工具,可以帮助企业客户更加安全便捷地进行在线数据交换,近年来被广泛用于资本市场。 在商业谈判过程中,无论谈判双方距离有多远,都可以使用虚拟数据室系统安全、快速、便捷地交换关键信息。

Virtual Data Room (VDR), a more secure version of conventional cloud storage, is an increasingly popular digital system that's commonly used to advance online data transactions and corporate exchanges. Its technology allows negotiating parties in a business deal to exchange crucial information more rapidly, regardless of the distance between them.


Moreover, due to VDR's paperless transactions, legal documents can be processed much faster, since there's no need to look through hard copies, which can be tedious. Manufacturers are further improving these features by creating advanced access controls and verification protocols that guarantee better security, as well as data privacy.

截至2016年4月,据估计VDR公司的市场收入超过8亿美元,个别公司的年增长率增长了两位数。 基于这些积极的统计数据,可以肯定地说,虚拟数据室的普及程度和热度不会很快消失。

As of April 2016, it was estimated that market revenues for VDR companies were more than $800 million, with annual growth rates for individual companies increasing by double digits. Based on these positive statistics, it's safe to say that VDR's popularity is not going to fade any time soon.



VDR技术为商业交易者提供了许多独特的优势和好处。 例如,与公司交易相关的尽职调查和检测的相关要求使这些在线数据室成为讨论公司交易的最理想解决方案。

VDR technology provides many unique advantages and benefits to business deal makers. For instance, the due diligence and detection requirements associated with corporate transactions make these online data rooms the ideal solution for corporate deal discussion.

此外,随着IT的部署能力和相关基础设施的不断加强和完善,VDR还将为用户提供更多高级功能。 这将提高公司的销售,营销和支持标准,因为各种业务流程将会更加快速完成。

Additionally, as IT deployment capabilities and infrastructures continue to grow, so will the number of advanced features that VDR provides users with. This will improve sales, marketing and support standards for companies, as various business processes will be completed much faster.



虚拟数据室技术允许用户在分层结构中共享具有敏感属性的文档/文件。 此外,它允许使用诸如语义标签的数字机制,而不是交联特定的行项目和文件夹。

Virtual data room technology allows users to share sensitive documents/files in hierarchically organized structures. Furthermore, it allows for the use of digital mechanisms such as semantic tags, instead of crosslink-specific line items and folders.

访问这些至关重要的数字项目的能力使得为业务合作伙伴或法律团队提供数据变得更加容易,他们可以轻松搜索和导航。 同样,尽职调查可能需要在其他数据记录中的许多位置复制或引用某些文件,例如损益表或合规历史记录。

The ability to access these crucial digital items makes it easier to provide business partners or legal teams with easily searched and navigated data. Likewise, due diligence may necessitate that certain documents, such as profit/loss statements or compliance histories, be copied or referenced at numerous locations in other data records.




Most entrepreneurs prefer VDR to traditional forms of data exchange mainly because it minimizes the risk of information theft by third parties not involved in a transaction.


In the past, data-sharing was done mainly via land-based systems, causing hassle and inconvenience, as all participants in a deal were required to be physically present for the transaction.

然而,随着虚拟数据室的出现,业务流程可以快速完成,因为大多数文档现在可以在线共享。 这项技术能够在2017年取代了传统的线下数据交易模式主要是它为用户提供了便利。

However, with the emergence of VDRs, business processes can be completed much faster as most documents can now be shared online. The main reason why this technology is overtaking land-based data rooms in 2017 is the convenience it provides to users.



Accessibility from anywhere across the world. Regardless of the time or geographical location of an individual in a transaction, documents can still be shared instantly to any destination around the globe.


Similarly, most virtual data rooms are now accessible by mobile applications, meaning businesspeople have the option of using their tablets and mobile phones to continue working outside the office.


Easy to navigate. VDR data is structured, and its information systems are easy to navigate due to highly advanced search options, as well as the filtering options.


No space limits. Virtual rooms can accommodate multiple visitors at once without running out of space. There's no particular order and room users can access data stored in repositories whenever they want.


Easy duplication of files. Since files can easily be duplicated on multiple servers, it's easier to recover information if data is lost or damaged. Furthermore, since virtual repositories are fitted with advanced and multi-faceted data security systems, no information can be stolen or breached from the system.


Only a single VDR is necessary. Since VDR visitors can be subdivided into distinct permission groups, virtual room owners can use a single VDR to perform multiple transactions concurrently, saving time and financial resources.

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